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Renowned for its signature magnificent pieces and rare craftsmanship, 
Dev Corner harmonizes classical tradition, with modern interpretation of ancient aesthetic and techniques.

About Us


DEV CORNER, A leading jewelers of Nepal has been serving the best quality tested jewelry with authentic taste in designs and variety since 38 years. 

Excellence in all kind of jewelry taking from the traditional Tilahari to modern Diamond Watches, Nauratna to variety of Nosepins, Silver Tikadani to Bridal sets.. All kinds of items are available on display.

Provided Printed bills with every details including details of weight, making charges and even picture of the purchased product.

All the jewely has to go through certain process before reaching to the final customers;

step 1: craftmenship, Step 2: testing the design perfection, Step 3: testing the purity (each jewelry goes through testing process with the world renowned jewelry testing machine which has been Certified as best of its kind), Step 4: tagging (with details of weight and other necessery details), Step 5: marking on the jewelry, and finally Step 6: reaching its destination. (Failing in any step leads restarting from the start)